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Access Automation

Access Automation is like an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for your resources. You can define your access flow for your Web or Desktop applications. Access Automation only works if you choose the Connection Type as RDP.

When you enable Access Automation, it will ask you what type of application you want to automate. MonoPam supports two kinds of access automation.

Web Page

This is a web page automation for access. This will help you to create a flow for your processes. You can even select a template to choose your flow already defined. You can edit that flow to complete the automation.

Clicking Edit Flow will be giving you the following options;

As you can see, these are the steps after the user is connected to the resource. Every step will be taken automatically by MonoPam before the user visits the UI.

You can add or update the current step to define your process.

Web Page type supports eight different step types for automation. You can see the following list.





Wait for next action (miliseconds)

3000 waits 3 seconds on the page before next action

Navigate a url

Load web page from url


Wait for navigation

Wait a page redirection for a url

Focus an element

Focus web element on page (like inputs, buttons etc.)

Edit an input value

Edit an input value on page

Click an element

Click an element on page. Like inputs and buttons.

Show an alert

Show a descriptive alert to the user.

Execute Script

Execute a javascript code on page

alert("Welcome to the page!")

You can also use your vault items in the values. Such as Vault.ItemName.UserName or Vault.ItemName.Password. You can even use your OTP codes in the Vault like Vault.ItemName.Code. Also, Secret Text and PKI values are supported. Vault.ItemName.UserName, Vault.ItemName.PrivateKey, and Vault.ItemName.Passphrase.

Desktop App

Desktop apps have different flow steps compared to web apps. It is a similar process but with different functionalities. You can see the example steps of a Desktop app.

The following steps are supported for the desktop app;





Wait for next action (miliseconds)

3000 for 3 seconds wait of next action.

Mouse click

Click a position on window

Click X, Y coordinate on window.

Activate a Window

Activate a desktop application window

It is like focusing a desktop window

Send Key(s)

Send keyboard actions to the window

Focus window control

Focus a window

Click window control

Click named window control

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