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Monopam Gateway Requirements - v2023.04

Monopam Gateway provides Privileged Session management capabilities for Monopam. All privileged session is managed and operated by Monopam Gateways. Monopam Gateway service will be install on windows Operating System.

Operating Systems

Monopam Gateway Service can be installed only on Microsoft Windows Servers.

In the table below supported Operating Systems are listed.

Monopam Gateway Service is using RDS in Windows system. Because of that Windows Server must be joined to the Active Directory Domain.

Operating System

Monopam Remote Service

Windows Server 2019


Windows Server 2022


Hardware Requirements

The table below lists CPU, disk, and memory requirements for the supported operating system.




CPU Core

8 Core

16 Core

CPU Speed

2.1 GHz

2.1 GHz


16 GB

32 GB


100 GB

200 GB

Ipv6 must be disabled on the Windows Server.

Software Requirements

Monopam Gateway Server needs the below software requirements.

  • Monopam Gateway Server must be joined to do Active Directory Domain.

  • Remote Desktop Services must be installed.

    • Deployment Type → Quick Start

    • Deployment Scenario → Session-based Desktop Deployment

Service User Requirements

Monopam needs a service user for the local service account password management and file transfer operations.

  • Example User name format “monopam_svc“

Service account must have a local administrator rights on all servers.

Antivirus Exceptions

It is best practice to exclude Monopam Gateway service executables and files from antivirus scan.


If Monopam Gateway server is using for NFS share, NFS share folder must be exclude from antivirus scanning.

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