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The Overview is a flat list of your resources like servers, web, or desktop apps. You can easily access your resource by clicking the “Connect” option on the UI.

Connecting to a resource

When you click “Connect” it will show you a modal window to access your resource.

This modal contains two different pieces of information. The first is a “Credential” that defines which you want to connect with, and another is a “Reason” for your connection. Select your credential and type your reason for joining.

When you click connect, it will redirect you to the server from the web UI directly.

Connecting via your RDP Client

You can also connect to your resources with your RDP client software, such as “mstsc - Microsoft’s Remote Desktop” program that every Windows version has, Remote Desktop Manager or any other software that supports RDP files to connect.

You can also download the connection template to connect that resource without signing in to the web UI.

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