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Login Method Examples of RADIUS

This document will help you to understand about how to login with RADIUS integrated systems.

๐Ÿ“˜ Instructions

You can use following formats to login a system that integrated with RADIUS.

  1. Username and Password

    1. Type your username (For example monofor)

    2. Type your password (For example PaSSw0rD678*)

  2. Username, Password, and Authenticator Factor (Such as Push, SMS, OTP code)

    1. Type your username (For example monofor)

    2. Type your password: PASSWORD,challenge-method

      1. push

      2. sms

      3. google

      4. microsoft

    3. You can use following examples

      1. If you want to login with directly push notification after your username and password, format should be like this;

        1. username

        2. password,push

      2. If you want to login with a SMS code

        1. username

        2. password,sms

        3. You will receive an SMS authentication code

    4. You can also combine them all together like including your Password, Authentication Factor and Token at the same time;

      1. username

      2. password,google,123456

        1. This will directly use your Google Authenticator as your Authenticator for second factor and 123456 your OTP (One-Time Password).

For the second example (like using challenge-method or code for following) you need to configure following setting in your RADIUS (on Monosign UI).

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