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Privileged User

A privileged user is a user that has more permissions rather than a simple search or action user.

That user could have the ability to change every user’s password or unlock the user on the target provider (such as Active Directory, Oracle Unified Directory, OpenLDAP, etc).

You can easily separate a search user and action user for the target provider to give them specific permissions on your provider.

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Privileged User Configuration

You can find the detailed description and also example configuration below.




Use Privileged User

This will help you to enable or disable the feature.


Privileged Username

This is the username for privileged actions


Privileged Password

This is the password of the user


Use Privileged User Always

This option will help you to allow you or any of your users to change their password through this privileged user


Before you configure the Use Privileged User Always

Use Privileged User Always is an option that should be used only if you know what you are doing. If this option is enabled, you will be given an option to change its password if it can apply the password policy on Monosign.

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