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Windows Credential Provider

This document describes installation of MonoSign’s Credential Provider for Windows.

Credential Provider has the following features;

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for Windows

\Credential Provider Filters\{5F01FE0F-A8CD-4DBC-BD49-8A526A370AE2}

If “Enabled” value is set to “true” under this registry, all credential options will be filtered and only MonoSign and Windows Live options will be available for users, otherwise all sign-in options will be listed without any filtering.

If “RdpOnly” value is set to “true”, MonoSign Credential Provider will be enabled if only the session is an RDP login, otherwise it will be enabled both local (interactive) logins and RDP logins. The default value for this option is “false”.

This documentation is applies to the version v2023.02 and above.

You can download latest version here MonoSign Credential Provider

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