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Docker Network Requirements - v2023.04

MonoFor is running in Docker service. Docker is has own network architecture and it is using below subnets by default.

Docker Bridge Networks

Docker Swarm Networks

For production installation sometimes it cause an issue. Customers internal network and docker internal networks is overlapping. But docker is giving an option to use specific subnets for docker services internal network.

Fixing this issue customer needs to define two(2) different subnets which is not used, not defined and not routed.

For Example:


Used For


Docker Service Network

It is used for docker internal bridge networks

Docker Swarm Overlay Network

It is used for Docker Swarm Service for overlay networks.

In this example and are used for internally in the docker services. If these subnets are decided to use in the docker they won’t be able to use in the real network. Because if the same subnets are used in the real networks and some of the clients trying to reach MonoFor services they couldn’t be able to reach the services. Docker will not route back to clients traffic to real network.

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